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Espresso Café, 1964.

I am the tiedye king
thinwhitealaddinsane gently inquires : write ten facts about yourself then pass this onto ten of your favorite followers:)

1. I don’t know what I could say about my pretty shitty self.

2. I have a lot of books to read but I just can’t find the courage to read ‘em all.

3. I think I saw 30 films in a single month, how sad.

4. Those facts are really depressing.

5. I just returned from one of the best trips of my life.

6. I am really shitty at the guitar.

7. I am drawing a cover for a friend’s album. 

8. Watermelon is THE ultimate fruit. Thank you God for watermelon.

9. I bought enough pigments to tie-dye a whole bag of tees.

10. Bye bye, my lovelies, don’t know what to say anymore.

(Thank you, dearie. ♥)

Jim Morrison’s Last Poems
Vinyl, the way they were meant to.be heard.